Tuesday 13 April 2021
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All you Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

All you Need to Know About Epoxy Flooring

When you are out and about, the chances are you will be walking on a range of flooring that is coated with epoxy resin, as this amazing material ticks all the boxes when it comes to commercial flooring. Regardless of your chosen sector, applying a protective coating to a screeded or concrete floor is the perfect way to seal the floor, making it non-slip, even in the wet. There have been many advances in the development of polymers such as epoxy and this has led to unique properties that businesses demand, with heavy traffic and the use of chemicals. The flooring contractor can tailor the coating to suit your business activities and this durable coating will prolong the life of any flooring.

Professional Application

Whether you need epoxy flooring in Adelaide or Brisbane, a Google search has you covered and once you find a local contractor, he will pay you a visit to discuss the many options. The contractor regards each job as a unique challenge, and will create flooring that ticks all the boxes, from your perspective.

Embedded Graphics

Whether you have screed or concrete floor, hi-res digital images can be embedded under the epoxy resin coating, which allows you to create the perfect layout, using any colours you choose. Tyre shops have the logos of the brands they are sponsored by, plus their own logo in a prominent location.

Non-Slip Surface

Epoxy resin remains non-slip, regardless of a wet or dry environment, providing your employees with a sure grip at all times. We all know how easy it is for a person to injure themself is they lose their footing, which is one of the main reasons business owners add epoxy resin coatings to their commercial flooring.

Chemical Resistant

When you are working on vehicles, oil spillages are sometimes unavoidable and when you apply epoxy resin, this seals the substrate and the oil can be easily cleaned up and removed. If your business involves the use of certain chemicals, make the floor contractor aware of this in order to ensure complete compatibility. Regardless of how many times you power wash the floor, you will not lose the safe grip properties and all your graphics are unaffected by high pressure washing.

The best people to contact are experienced commercial flooring companies that service your area, and with their expertise and your vision, the perfect flooring awaits.