Sunday 7 March 2021
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Buying Guide for Toilet Frames

Buying Guide for Toilet Frames

Toilet Frames also known as a toilet surround or over toilet frames are  toilet aids that provide a disabled and elderly users extra support, comfort and safety to undertake daily hygiene tasks.

A user might need a toilet frame because:

  • They have limited strength in their leg muscles therefore can’t support their body weight
  • Have limited knee mobility due to an injury or recent surgery
  • Feel dizzy or unbalanced when moving from a sitting to a standing position.

What to consider when buying a toilet frame:

  • The build material: Generally built using aluminum, the toilet surround or toilet safety frame needs to be able to take the weight of the person, so make sure that you check for the weight bearing capacity of the toilet frame before making a purchase.

  • The handle or grip: Some of the toilet frames come with padded grips to make it easier for the user to hold on to the handle.

  • The foot of the toilet frame: In order to make the toilet surround safer, you will often find toilet frames or toilet surrounds that have non-slip rubber feet. This is a better option since the toileting area is prone to get wet, this can cause the frame to slip and fall.

  • The ability to adjust height: There are two types of toilet frames available in the market. Fixed height and height adjustable. A height adjustable toilet surround is a better option as it provides more flexibility to the user.

  ­­­With or without a toilet seat: Toilet frames or surrounds can come with or without a toilet seat. The frames with toilet seat allow the user to raise the height of a toilet seat and provide support arms to the user on the side so that they can sit and rise. Both options are good as long as the user knows what suits them better. A toilet frame without a seat can be used in conjunction with a raised toilet seat if required.

  • Other functionalities: Some toilet frames also come with magazine holders which can come in quite handy if the user likes to read a book while toileting.

These toilet aids are used on a daily basis by a disabled and an elderly users and enhance the safety of a user in the bathroom therefore it is important that the user tries the toilet surround prior to purchasing one.