Sunday 7 March 2021
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Do You Have an Estate Sale or Do You Have an Auction?

Do You Have an Estate Sale or Do You Have an Auction?

In deciding what to do about estate auction sales in Ontario, you have to think of the possibilities of how to handle the sale of personal properties.

  • Your Responsibility: You are given the responsibility to sell your loved one’s personal property which is no more with you in this world. So, the question is what is the next world you are supposed to do now.
  • Your Best Options: You are given many options, and amongst the options, the most popular options are to either have an estate sale or send the items to an auction house.
  • Making Your Decision: You need to decide which of these choices are best for you and your family. So, let’s go through both of them, and let’s then you decide what’s best for you.

Estate Sales

You price the items for sale and put the things on an estate or home; shoppers will come and pick up the items if they want to buy. Bids are accepted as professional of the estate sales want to make a profit for the estate as much as they can.

Therefore, if you decide on the estate sale, you have to hire a professional estate sales operator. If you search for “Estate Sales” or “Estate Liquidator” on your Google or any other search engine followed by your city/town name, you will find them.

Estate Sale Advantages:

  • In one central location, the sale takes place entirely.
  • No moving has to be paid by you.
  • Prices of every item can be listed individually.
  • Professionals, if needed, might help you.
  • Reasonable and competitive commissions.
  • Sales are spread over two to three days so that buyers know and attend.
  • For better advertising, you can use, emails, street signs, and newspaper ads.
  • Within a time of two weeks, the estate sales companies will settle with their clients.


Everybody knows what an auction is. At a set place and time, your items will be presented to the buyers and will be sold to the highest bidder. So, you need a bigger crowd for bigger bids. In some auction houses items are sold without reserves, in others they allow. For modest items, auctions may not be a good choice.

Auction Advantages

  • You need to move your items to an auction house.
  • Auctions of small or mid-size have almost similar structures of commissions as an Estate Sale.
  • In one day, mostly, auction gets over.
  • It starts with a low bid.
  • Items may or may not
  • It can take months for cycles of auction sales.
  • In 45 business days, payments are usually made.