Tuesday 9 March 2021
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Some Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture in a Top Notch Condition

Some Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture in a Top Notch Condition

As the time goes by, your furniture pieces are prone to damage and this includes your outdoor furniture as well, if not looked after properly. Always keep your outdoor patio meuble calligaris in a tip top shape by cleaning it on a routine basis: once in the inception of summer, one at the end and maybe once on the basis of your use of your outdoor space. This article enlists on how to clean and maintain your furniture.

Wooden furniture

To remove the old layers of polish, use a cloth soaked in steeping tea bags in boiling water. For tables and armchairs that have stain, you can try a non gel toothpaste and wipe off with a damp cloth. If your furniture has ink stains, you can mix equal parts water and baking soda to form a paste and gently rub with a soft cloth until the stain has faded.

Plastic deck chairs

To get rid of the stains, mix one fourth bleach in a large bucket of hot water and make the use of a scrub brush. You can also try mixing vinegar, dishwashing soap etc. to get rid of stubborn stains.

Metal furniture or décor

For cleaning your metal items, you will eventually clean the protective top coat which can be done best by a soft cloth soaked in soapy water. But, the issue here is that it will wear down over time. Make sure to also clean up the animal droppings from your furniture pieces as soon as you see them as the acidic nature of such droppings will burn through the finish rapidly. Also, check your metal furniture in the inception of the season for rust, wear and tear.

Wrought iron furniture

You can begin by vacuuming the furniture, then cleaning with a simple water and dishwashing soap mixture. If the paint begins to wear off, sand down the affected areas and repaint as quickly as possible. If you expose it for a long time, then the underlying metal will corrode.

Wicker furniture

Dusting on a regular basis with a soft cloth, microfiber duster or a feather duster keeps your wicker furniture clean as new. You can also go for a soft bristled paintbrush or the brush that comes equipped with the vacuum for a deeper cleaning. You can mix one fourth cup of vinegar with three fourths of water to create an effective cleaning solution for getting rid of mold and mildew. Just soak a soft cloth in it and wipe your furniture clean.