Tuesday 13 April 2021
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Talk to a Solar Installer About Adding Solar to Your Property

Talk to a Solar Installer About Adding Solar to Your Property

When you upgrade to a solar system, you will have a number of questions. This type of upgrade is popular because it significantly cuts greenhouse emission and can be increased as needed. Adding panels can be done, provided that you have the right size inverter. Therefore, you need to make sure that the inverter you install initially can accommodate the addition of panels.

For maximum energy production, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels should be positioned on a roof that slopes and faces north under direct sunlight. Never position panels in a shaded spot as you will not receive as much power, thereby lowering your savings.

Getting the Most for Your Money

A solar PV panel will still supply the needed electricity if you position it facing east, north, or west. Solar experts suggest a small 10-degree tilt to make sure that the panels are cleaned when it rains. This adjustment should be made if the slope of your roof is not perfect.

You can learn more about these small details and solar battery storage in SA when you take advantage of the current rebates offered to consumers who choose to go with solar upgrades. For instance, homeowners can enjoy subsidies that include $6000 per installed battery and $600 per kilowatt hour for SA Energy concession holders.

To take advantage of this type of rebate, a householder needs to hire a qualified provider to install his or her home solar battery system. Providers who contribute to the Australian economy are recognised for their contributions in this respect.

Recoup the Money You Invest

For any battery system to meet subsidy requirements, it must prove to be dependable, safe, and capable of supplying energy to a virtual power plant. If you don’t like how electricity rates continue to rise, now is the time to take advantage of solar subsidies and rebates that will allow you to save on electricity costs in the future and get a full return on your investment within the next decade.

If you want to be a forward-thinking homeowner, you don’t want to bypass this type of opportunity. This type of offer does not come along every day. That is why you need to make a concerted effort to get on the list and convert your power to solar.

Reserve Your Place Now

Reserve a place now with a qualified solar installer as you can take as much as $6000 off the cost of installation. Once you reserve a spot, you will also be able to get a quote from the installation company. You just need to insert answers to the company’s questions online. If you have additional enquiries, contact the provider at the number listed on its website.

Now is the time to make your move toward making a change in your utility usage. You don’t want to wait or you might not be able to receive a large discount for making this type of upgrade. When you see an opportunity of this magnitude, you need to enrol now, not later. Later will not allow you to take advantage of the government subsidies offered for changing your power source. Go online today and ensure your future as well as the future comfort of your family.